Adult Education and Literacy FAQs

How many classes can I take each term?  

You only need to take ONE class to be an active student. As you build your schedule, remember you must attend classes regularly, make time to study, and complete your assignments.  

What is the attendance and testing policy?  

You must maintain a minimum of 85% attendance in each of your classes to remain active and in good program standing. If you need to miss class, contact your instructor for guidance. You must also take a post-test after 71 or more hours.

Can I change my class after I start the term?  

Yes. Let your instructor know if you are unable to complete the term and they can get you information about the next enrollment event.  

How do I find more information about the GED®  

Go to for more information about the GED® exam. You can take some of the free practice exams. Please ensure that your information is accurate to receive up-to-date information alerts.   

What is the cost for the IET programs?  

If you qualify for the IET or AVA programs, the courses are FREE! For more information email one of Career Pathway Navigators.  


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Updated May 25, 2023