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Building Sciences Expo

About the Expo

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Who should attend?

Are you an industry professional or a student in architecture, construction, or similar field?

Earn Health, Safety and Welfare (HSW) continuing education credit while discussing the science in building sciences!

Expo 2022

  • Date: TBN
  • Location: TBN

Session Schedule

  • 8–8:05 a.m.: Introduction & overview
  • 8:05–8:15 a.m.: Welcome
  • 8:15–9:15 a.m.: Session 1
  • 9:15–10:15 a.m.: Session 2
  • 10:15–11:15 a.m.: Session 3
  • 11:15 a.m.–12:45 p.m.: Session 4
  • 12:45–1 p.m.: Closing words

Sponsorship Opportunities

As a sponsor, your company logo will be included in all our advertising materials—digital and physical. 



South Campus

Business & Technology

Derek Hubenak, Coordinator of Special Projects

Updated June 28, 2022