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Community Outreach Sessions

Choose one of the sessions below when you make your reservation request.

College and Careers

Grades 1–3

This is a special presentation developed specifically for young children first through third grade to spark interest in their futures. Students will learn how education and interests connect to a future career. This 25 minute presentation is offered in a classroom setting, requiring a projector screen and interactive kids who are eager to learn.

Texas Reality Check

Grades 4–11

After high school, you will need to pay for housing, transportation and other expenses. Find out how much money you will need and which career will pay for all your needs. This 25 minute Web-based presentation, offered by Texas Reality Check, is designed for 4th through 11th grade students.

Texas Gear Up

Grades 6–11

A student friendly career assessment designed to find potential job matches based on preferences. Students will enjoy an interactive presentation to see which careers might be right for them. This 25 minute Web-based activity, offered by Texas Gear Up, is designed for 6th through 11th grade students.

Career Game

Grades 4–12

Career Game is a web-based, interactive presentation held either on the Mobile Go center or in the classroom.  This fun "Kahoot" can be played on a computer, smart phone, or tablet device with internet access. Participants will increase knowledge about popular careers and educational requirements for different fields of work. This 25 minute interactive game is designed for 4th grade and above.

Scholarship Search

Grades 7–12

Learn the Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How of scholarships with our new scholarships presentation. Students will expand their knowledge about scholarships and experience firsthand what it is like to search for actual scholarships that they may be eligible to apply for.  This 25 minute, interactive presentation is web-based and presented through Nearpod for 7th grade and up.

General TCC Overview

All Grades

Just need the facts about Tarrant County College? This on-site 50 minute presentation is designed for participants to receive an overview of TCC's programs, degrees and certificates. This presentation is for individuals ready to take the next step in higher education/training.

Additional Presentations

Have a specific presentation request? Submit a special request/presentation ideas.

Updated August 14, 2017