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Community Outreach

Our Community Outreach team is able to provide free general and targeted TCC information and programs to your students or group.  We work with organizations throughout Tarrant County by participating in fairs, special events, presentations and Mobile Go events.

Our mission is to provide post-secondary educational resources to individuals and their families in hopes of increasing the number of students enrolled and succeeding in higher education institutions in Texas.

Available Services

Mobile Go

The Mobile GO Center (MOGO) serves as a point of coordination for students, parents, counselors and institutions of higher education. The MOGO is a 42-foot education resource center equipped with 20 laptop computers with WiFi internet access. Upon request, the MOGO travels to schools, churches and local community events within Tarrant County.

MOGO school presentations are offered in 25 minute sessions with a 5 minute transition, thus totaling 30 minutes per 20-student group. The total session time allows us to actively engage with your students for their continued success. All events lasting 5 hours or more will require a one-hour mandatory lunch break.

View MOGO parking guidelines and cancellation policy, and our most frequently asked questions.

On-Site Sessions

Another option is to request a TCC representative to present to your class/organization or to host an information table. We can still present the web-based program to your class as a group using an overhead projector with internet connection, or in your computer lab with individual access for each participant. If general information is requested, then an informational table can be hosted consisting of literature and resources on TCC programs, degrees and financial aid.

Make a Reservation

Until further notice, we are not accepting reservations due to COVID-19.

We are working on alternative options for fall. Please check back for updates at a later date or email us at



Sarah Taylor
Recruitment & Outreach Specialist

Parking Guidelines & Cancellation Questions

Kim Thomas-Tate
Mobile GO Outreach Specialist & Driver

Updated July 01, 2020