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Community Outreach

Our Community Outreach team provides free general and targeted TCC information and programs to your students or group. We work with organizations throughout Tarrant County by participating in fairs, special events, presentations and Mobile Go events.

Our mission is to provide post-secondary educational resources to individuals and their families in hopes of increasing the number of students enrolled and succeeding in higher education institutions in Texas.

Make a Reservation

Make a reservation for the Mobile Go Center (Prop Drop), a pre-recorded presentation, or a Virtual Live presentation.

Presentation Offerings

Review our available presentation offerings.

Available Services

Pre-Recorded Presentations

Pre-recorded presentations are available to serve community members, whether they're participating face-to-face or virtually. All of our presentations have been recorded in a way that is very similar to how they would be presented in person.

The pre-recorded presentations are video links that can be accessed at any time and played at your convenience.

To request a pre-recorded presentation, email a reservation request (contact information at the bottom of this page). More than one presentation can be requested.

Review our available pre-recorded offerings.

Classroom Presenter

Classroom presentations will be available beginning September 1, 2021.

All CDC and TCC safety guidelines will be followed.

On-site session presentations can be conducted in a variety of ways:

  • In classroom with handouts and no internet connection; students will complete work as a group.
  • In classroom using overhead projector with internet access; students will complete work as a group.
  • Computer lab setting using web-based programs; students will complete work individually.
    • For web-based programs, we request a projector or Smart Board with internet access for the presenter.
    • If you would like all of the students to complete the program individually (recommended), then each student will require a computer with internet access. Some schools/organizations choose this option if they would like us to present to more than 20 students/participants at a time.

Events must be a minimum of 3 hours in duration (not including lunch break).

Virtual Live Presentation

Virtual Live presentations will be conducted through an online platform. Most presentations will require students to have access to their own device in addition to a projector or Smart Board with internet access for the presenter screen.

These presentations can be given to any group size and multiple presentations can be given throughout the requested day. Once a reservation is placed, the Community Outreach team will make contact to plan the details of the event.

Review our available virtual live presentation offerings.

To request a Virtual Live presentation, email a reservation request (contact information at the bottom of this page).

Mobile Go Center (Prop Drop)

Due to COVID-19, we will be offering the Mobile Go Center in a different capacity.

The Mobile Go Center can be dropped off at a location to be used as a promotional prop displaying some TCC programs. It will not be open to participants and no presentations will be given inside.

This allows us to continue to promote TCC and higher education in general.

To request the Mobile Go Center, email a reservation request (contact information at the bottom of this page).

View MOGO parking guidelines and cancellation policy, and our most frequently asked questions.



Sarah Taylor
Recruitment & Outreach Specialist

Parking Guidelines & Cancellation Questions

Kim Thomas-Tate
Mobile GO Outreach Specialist & Driver

Updated September 03, 2021