Stormwater Program

TCC is committed to sustainability at our campuses, including the protection of waterways. While the quality of the runoff entering the waterways can never be completely controlled, we diligently work to reduce the negative impact of the water running off our properties.

We have developed and implemented a stormwater management plan to assist in minimizing and/or eliminating harm to the environment as a result of our activities, such as facility fleet refueling, vehicle washing and groundskeeping.

We welcome feedback or questions, and have a stormwater hotline and contact form that can be used to get additional information, provide feedback or to report an issue related to stormwater pollution at any of our campuses.

Public Reporting of Stormwater Management

The Phase II (Small) MS4 annual reports show compliance status of MS4 permit conditions and the approved stormwater management program (SWMP).

Year 1 Reports

Year 2 Reports

Contact Stormwater Management

For more information or to report an incident involving illegal or questionable dumping of pollutants into our storm sewers, you can:

Both are confidential unless you choose to leave your name and/or call back information.

Learn more about the division of Environmental Management, which oversees the stormwater program.

Updated January 20, 2023