Register for TCC Plus Courses

Only some courses participate in the TCC Plus program (Powered by First Day™). The TCC Plus icon identifies TCC Plus class sections in Student Planning:

TCC Plus logo

How to Register for TCC Plus Courses

Before you register, you can view sample savings of TCC Plus digital textbooks versus print textbooks.

To register for a TCC Plus course,

  1. Login to MyTCCTrack.
  2. Select Student Planning.
  3. Go to Prepare to Register.
  4. Find a course you want to take during the upcoming semester.
  5. Look for the TCC Plus icon next to select classes.
  6. Register for your chosen TCC Plus class section.
  7. Pay your tuition bill.
    • TCC Plus digital textbooks and other course materials are included in your class cost and are covered by financial aid and payment plans.

You do not need to purchase a physical textbook or access code if you have enrolled in a TCC Plus class section (as long as you have not opted out of the TCC Plus program).

You can access your digital textbook and other course materials on the first day of class via Canvas.


Contact one of our faculty or staff members for technical support or billing questions.

Updated January 20, 2023