Textbooks FAQ

Find answer to frequently asked questions if you're new to TCC or new to ordering textbooks.

How do I find which textbooks and supplies I need?

There are a couple ways to view the textbooks and course materials for your classes.

TCCD Bookstore

  1. Navigate to the TCCD Bookstore webpage.
  2. Follow the prompts to select your specific campus, term, and course information.
  3. Select Find Materials.

Course Syllabus/ICR

On the first day of class, download your course syllabus/ICR from your class in Canvas.

If you have any questions, email your instructor.

What's the best time to shop for my textbooks and supplies?

Purchase your textbooks and supplies early.

Being prepared on the first day of class provides a great start to the semester. Planning ahead also allows you time to include the costs for your course materials into your personal budget.

What are my options for textbooks and course materials?

Your instructor may use the following textbook options and course materials:

  • Physical textbooks: May be purchased or rented.
  • TCC Plus (Powered by First Day™): Affordable textbook option included with your course registration.
  • Open Education Resources (OER): Free or low-cost textbook option.
  • Access Codes: Physical codes for courseware that may be sold alone or in a bundle with a textbook.
  • Other course materials and software: May be required at the recommendation of your instructor.

What if I can't find the textbook or supplies for my class?

First, check your course syllabus or ICR for more information or other options.

Then, reach out to your instructor to let them know and to ensure you are prepared on day one of your course. Their contact info should be posted in Canvas.

You can also contact your campus bookstore or the Student Learning Materials team at SLM@tccd.edu.

Does TCC offer affordable textbook options?

Yes. TCC works hard to negotiate pricing with our publishers to provide affordable textbook adoptions. Some instructors may choose lower cost options such as TCC Plus or Open Education Resources (OER).

  • TCC Plus (Powered by First Day™) delivers your textbook and course materials electronically. The cost is included as an additional course charge on your Schedule and Fee statement. You will have access to the textbook/digital content on the first day of class. Learn how to tell if your course is a TCC Plus section.
  • Open Education Resources (OER) is a free or low-cost textbook option. Some OER options have affordable print options available through your campus bookstore. Please refer to your course syllabus or ICR for additional details provided by your professor.

Should I wait until class starts to open my course materials?

In some instances, it is best to wait until the first day of class to open course materials that are shrink-wrapped or require access codes. Once opened or used, they are not refundable.

Can I charge books to my student account?

No. You cannot make bookstore charges to your student account.

The TCC Bookstore website does let you pay by VA/Third Party Tender when you submit your orders online:

  • Chapter 31 VA/VocRehab, TWC and TWS: Provide your authorization number
  • Medical City Nursing Students: Provide your student ID number
  • TCC G/L Accounts: Provide the 15-digit account number
  • Scholarships through TCC Foundation: Provide your student ID number

Can I return my textbook or get a refund?

Refer to our returns and refunds page for information on how to return textbook, electronics and other general merchandise.

Updated January 26, 2024