EasyRide Program

Minimover busWith TCC's EasyRide program, eligible students can use their student ID card as a free pass on all

With EasyRide, your drive time becomes study time. And all that money on gas? You probably have other ideas.

If you need paratransit service, please submit a Trinity Metro ACCESS Tickets Request (PDF). (Link opens in a new window)

Bus Routes

You can access the following routes from our campuses:

You can also visit the Trinity Metro website to plan your trip.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers below to frequently asked questions.

Who is eligible to participate in the EasyRide Program?

You must be enrolled in 3 credit hours or 48 continuing education contact hours (equals 4.8 CEUs) and must have a current, activated TCC student identification card.

The following groups are not eligible to participate in the EasyRide program at this time:

  • College for Kids
  • Senior Education
  • Dual Credit
  • Early College High School

Based on agreements with current Dual Credit and Early College High School partners, transportation needs for those students already have been met.

Can I only ride for free when I am going to or from a TCC location?

You can use your student ID card for traveling anywhere the local bus service goes, seven days a week. You can also ride ZIPZONE and TEXRail daily, as well as TRE from Fort Worth to CentrePort Station Monday through Saturday.

What Trinity Metro services can I access with my student ID card?

Your student ID card will give you access to ride any Trinity Metro bus routes, ZIPZONE on-demand rideshare van, Trinity Metro TEXRail and Trinity Railway Express (TRE) within Tarrant County. The fare will be paid by TCC.

We also accommodate our certified ACCESS paratransit riders. Please contact easyrideprogram@tccd.edu for further information.

Passengers can ride free of charge on TRE trains between Fort Worth T&P Station and CentrePort/DFW Airport stations. Any travel east of CentrePort/DFW Airport (Dallas County) will require a pass that can be purchased directly from the free GoPass app.

Where can I get my student ID card activated?

If your student ID card was made after April 16, 2018, your card is ready to go! Your card should have an asterisk in the upper corner.

If you have a student ID card from before April 16, 2018, you'll need a new student ID card from a campus Copy Center.

Visit a campus Copy Center to pick up student ID cards.

It takes 1 hour after class registration for your information to appear in the student ID system.

When will my enrollment eligibility be reported to Trinity Metro?

TCC will report enrollment eligibility to Trinity Metro on the first three Fridays in May, August and December. May reports will include summer enrollment, August reports will include fall enrollment and December reports will include spring enrollment.

In addition, TCC will report enrollment eligibility to the Trinity Metro on the first and third Mondays in January through April, June through July and September through November.

Are ACCESS paratransit services available through the EasyRide Program?

Yes, ACCESS tickets are available through the Trinity Metro ACCESS paratransit service. Submit your request with the Trinity Metro ACCESS Request Form.

Once your enrollment and ACCESS certification are verified, 40 tickets will be mailed to your address on record. For additional questions, email easyrideprogram@tccd.edu, or call 817-515-8223.

What should I do if my student ID card is damaged/lost?

Please replace your student ID card as soon possible at the campus Copy Center. Replacement cards costs $10.00.

The bus driver claims there is a problem with my student ID card. Now what?

Visit the campus Copy Center to validate the card. Copy Center staff will only be able to validate the student ID card.

If your card does not work, you will need $2.00 to ride the bus or $2.50 to ride the train one way. TCC will not provide reimbursement.

If the problem is not related to validation, discuss enrollment or ask any questions about the program by:

What about the Trinity Metro TEXRail and Trinity Railway Express (TRE)?

Eligible students can ride TEXRail or the TRE to stops in Tarrant County, as well as Trinity Metro buses and ZIPZONE on-demand rideshare vans at no cost.

Can I use Trinity Metro's ZIPZONE?

Student ID cards allow you to use ZIPZONE on-demand rideshare vans at no additional cost. Your rides are free when you begin your ride within a ZIPZONE boundary and when you transfer from another Trinity Metro service.

How to Book with ZIPZONE

You can book rides straight from your phone and get picked up in minutes.

  1. Download the ZIPZONE app and set up your account.
  2. Select the Ticket button in the bottom left corner of the ZIPZONE app. This indicates that you are paying by ticket when booking your ride.
  3. Then, when you board the ZIPZONE vehicle, show your student ID card (which acts as your Trinity Metro Local Ticket) to the driver for validation.

You may only book a ZIPZONE ride when you arrive in the zone where you will be boarding the van. Future bookings from outside the zone are not possible.

Visit the Trinity Metro ZIPZONE to see zone maps and to download the Trinity Metro ZIPZONE app from the App Store or Google Play to your smartphone.

What if I need to ride more than one bus?

If you need to ride more than one bus or any combination of on-demand rideshare vans and rail services to reach your destination, your activated ID works for all Trinity Metro trips. Be sure to swipe your ID card when boarding each bus.

How do I use my student ID card to pay my fare?

Simply board the bus and swipe your student ID card in the farebox—your card will work from left or right and front or back. Don't be shy about asking the operator for assistance!

Similarly, present your student ID card to TEXRail and TRE conductors or to ZIPZONE drivers.

How do I know which bus to ride?

There are many tools available to help you plan your trip:

  • Visit the Trinity Metro website to access a full system map and individual route schedules.
  • Printed versions are also available at TCC campuses or at the Trinity Metro Retail Sales Office at 800 Cherry Street.

Return to the top of the page for bus routes.

What is a MINIMOVER?

Trinity Metro's MINIMOVERS are passenger vans used on select routes in which ride counts don't necessarily require a full-size bus.

MINIMOVERS are available on the following routes:

  • Northeast Campus: Route 23
  • Northwest Campus: Route 45
  • South Campus: Route 33

You can take either the MINIMOVER or the full-size Trinity Metro bus with your student ID card to get to your desired location on the available routes.

Trinity Metro MINIMOVER

Are there any mobile apps?

The GOPASS app will help you plan your trip on Trinity Metro buses and trains.

In addition, students may use the Trinity Metro ZIPZONE app to schedule on-demand rides within select Tarrant County communities.

How do I know where to get on the bus?

All bus stops are marked with a bus stop sign that includes the stop number, which route serves the stop and Trinity Metro's Customer Care phone number.

Allow plenty of time and make sure the bus operator can see you. Some stops have shelters and/or benches for your convenience.

How do I get off of the bus?

Know which stop you need and then pay attention to the visual and audio announcements on board the bus. When your stop is announced, pull the yellow cord or push the yellow panel to signal your stop. Both stop devices can be found on the sides of the bus interior along the windows.

Is it safe to ride the bus?

Yes, customer safety is a top priority at Trinity Metro. Trinity Metro bus operators are trained to watch for suspicious behavior and have best practice procedures to follow to keep all passengers safe. As you would do anywhere, always be aware of your surroundings

How long does the program last?

Currently, the partnership is scheduled for 12 months. You must be a registered TCC student to participate in the program.

How do I get in touch with Trinity Metro?

The Trinity Metro customer service phone info center is open seven days a week at 817-215-8600.

What if I have more questions?

You can email EasyRideProgram@tccd.edu with your questions or concerns.

Updated July 31, 2023