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Access to Records and Statistics

Access to Student Records

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (PL93-380), commonly referred to as FERPA, provides that all records pertaining to a student that are maintained by the College must be open to inspection by the student and may not be made available to any other person without the written authorization of the student. A "student" is defined as a person who has registered and paid for one or more Undergraduate (UG) or Continuing Education [Non-Credit or Community Education and Engagement (CEE)] courses and who remains enrolled through the official date of record for that term.

The act further provides that certain portions of the student record are deemed directory information and under some circumstances may be released without the student's written permission. Directory information includes name, current address and telephone number, major, dates of attendance, full-time or part-time enrollment status, degrees and awards received and dates granted, previous educational institution(s) attended, and eligibility and participation in officially recognized activities and sports. It should be noted that current address and telephone number are considered restricted directory information. These items are released only if a legitimate educational interest is established. NOTE: Email addresses are not considered directory information.

A student may request that all items of directory information be kept confidential by contacting the campus Admissions and Registrar Office or district Admissions and Records Office. A written request is required. The request may be canceled only upon receipt of the student's written authorization.

Additional information concerning FERPA may be obtained from the campus Admissions and Registrar Office, the district Admissions and Records Office in downtown Fort Worth, or online.

Requesting Directory Information

Third-party requests for directory information:

  • Will not include students who opted not to release directory information
  • May be assessed charges
  • Should be submitted to the Assistant Director of Records and Reports

Student Right to Know - Crime Statistics

A printed copy of this report is available on request from any campus Police Department.

Student Right to Know - Graduation Statistics

Federal law requires that all institutions of higher education disclose graduation rates to students, applicants, and potential students. Graduation rates for TCC can be provided upon request by Office of Institutional Research.

Solomon Amendment

The 1995/1996 National Defense Authorization Act and the 1997 Omnibus Consolidated Appropriations Act gave branches of the military access to student information including student's name, address, telephone number, age or date of birth, class, and major. The Solomon Amendment requires institutions to comply with requests from the military for student information.

Updated November 11, 2021