Expedited Delivery for Transcripts

This service is not available while campuses are closed.

Printed official transcripts can be sent via Federal Express at your expense.

To request FedEx delivery:

  1. Know the exact street address for delivery of the transcript.
  2. Visit FedEx online and select Create a Shipment.
  3. Continue through prompts to confirmation page.
  4. Do the following on the confirmation page:
    • Confirm address and shipping information
    • Check the box for Email a copy of my shipping label on bottom of page; make sure your name and phone number are on the label
    • Enter transcript.request@tccd.edu to submit shipping label
  5. Select Ship.
  6. Send an email notifying us of your request from your my.tccd.edu email to transcript.request@tccd.edu. Include your student ID number in the email. This email confirms the order is authorized by you.

When entering information in the From Address area, be sure to provide your contact phone number. 

We will make every effort to get your transcript order out for FedEx pickup on the same day we receive it, as long as we get the shipping label from FedEx and the email from you confirming the order by 3 p.m. on a business day that the College is open.

Transcripts for expedited delivery will not be sent without a FedEx shipping label for each destination address. FedEx picks up from TCC in the evening on each day the College is open.

Updated January 20, 2023