You can order an official TCC PDF e-transcript or paper transcript online. PDF e-transcripts or paper transcripts can be sent to any college or university, or to any individual or third party, via email or postal mail.

The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) protects the privacy of academic records.

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Learn how to submit your transcript.

Request an Official TCC Transcript

Current Students

Complete transcripts (which include your current semester's grades, academic standing, and earned credentials) are available within 3 weeks after the semester ends. You will receive an email when complete transcripts are available to order.

To request an official e-transcript or paper transcript,

  1. Log in to Hello!TCC.
  2. Use the filter to search for and select Official Transcript Request; this will take you to TCC's Parchment transcript request form.

You can log in to Hello!TCC to view the status of your request. Get help with your username or password.

Former Students

If you're a former TCC student requesting an official e-transcript or paper transcript, you don't need to log in to TCC systems.

To request a transcript,

  1. Visit Parchment, our approved online transcript ordering service.
  2. Create an account.
  3. Follow the steps to order your PDF e-transcript or paper transcript.

You can return to Parchment to view the status of your request.

About eTranscripts

TCC is partnering with Parchment, Inc. to offer transcripts ordered online.

  • $2.10 processing fee per transcript order
  • Order usually fulfilled in 2 hours or less
  • Must open the document with a secure password
  • Cannot be altered or forwarded

About Paper Transcripts

  • $2.10 processing fee per transcript order
  • $2.50 print-and-mail fee charged per order

Any campus Admissions and Registrar Office can provide students with a sealed official transcript at no cost. These transcripts will be stamped "Issued to Student" and may not be acceptable to all receivers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to know the email address for the college or university I want to send my transcript to?

Many colleges and universities are available in the Parchment search directory.

If you choose an institution from the directory, the transcript will generally go to their undergraduate admissions department. This is the best way to ensure the transcript is considered official.

If you need to send to a specific department or person at an institution, you will need to know that department's or person's email address when placing your order.

Can I order a transcript to be sent later, when grades for my in-progress classes, updated GPA and any degrees or certificates I earn when this term ends are posted?

For these requests, you should wait until transcripts are complete for the current term. This is about one week after the end of the spring, summer or fall term. The online ordering system does not allow you to place an order in advance for an end-of-term complete transcript.

When you are on the Parchment order page, the screen will show the "complete transcript" date for the current term. This will let you know the date when a complete transcript can be ordered.

We will also notify current students that their transcripts are complete (about a week after each term ends).

What if I have continuing education credits only?

If you have only completed continuing education coursework at TCC, you may request transcripts by emailing

What if I have a hold for an unpaid balance?

Financial obligations to the College must be met before transcripts can be released.

What if I need to submit a transcript for a job or to be considered for a scholarship or other opportunity?

All you need is a name and an email address for the employer or scholarship provider. Have that ready before you place an online order.


Questions or concerns about a transcript order? Email or call 817-515-1550.

Updated February 20, 2024