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Payment Plan

TCC's payment plan options help you pay for your tuition through automatically drafted monthly installments with no interest.

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What are the payment plan options?

Payment plan dates and terms are subject to change.

Plan Type and Information Who's Eligible Dates Required Down Payment Enrollment Fee per Term (Non-Refundable)
Regular Payment Plan All students; you are not eligible if you are already eligible for the Potential Financial Aid Plan Dates for Regular Payment Plan 20% $25
Potential Financial Aid Plan If you have a valid FAFSA on file, are maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), and have one of the following:
$1,000 of need,
Federal loan award in WebAdvisor
Dates for Potential Financial Aid Plan 0% $25*
Prior Term Payment Plan If you have a tuition account balance from the most recently ended term/semester (excluding Summer semesters) Dates for Prior Term Payment Plan 20% $25
Continuing Education (Non-Credit) Payment Plan Continuing education (non-credit) students with a minimum balance due of $100 Dates for Continuing Education (Non-Credit) Payment Plan 20% $25

*The Potential Financial Aid Plan non-refundable enrollment fee isn't charged until after the first installment; it will be drafted with the last installment.

There is a $25 returned payment fee.

What payment methods can I use?

  • Automatic bank payment (ACH)
  • Credit card/debit card

All down payments and the $25 enrollment fee are processed immediately. Payments are processed monthly.

If classes are added after you make your initial down payment, your installments will be readjusted.

With a pay plan on file for a certain term, you will not be automatically dropped from any unwanted classes. It is your responsibility to drop any unwanted classes.

What are the steps to sign up for a payment plan?

You must be registered for classes and be eligible for the plan that is available.

To sign up for a payment plan:

  1. Log in to MyTCCTrack.
  2. Select Student Account.
  3. Select Student Account Center/Pay Now, under Helpful Links.
  4. Select the Payment Plans tab at the top of the screen
  5. Choose Enroll Now
  6. Pick an available term from the drop-down box
  7. Click Select to display the available payment plan description
  8. Select Continue at the bottom of the screen
  9. Select Display Schedule to show the installment amounts and their due dates
  10. Select Continue
  11. Enter payment information, if you're required to make a payment at this time. Then click Continue.

Installments are automatically drafted on the due date.

Payment Plan Tutorial Videos

Watch our tutorial videos for more information on:

Updated February 23, 2021