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Approved Programs for Educational Benefits

You must be enrolled in a program approved by the State Approving Agency (SAA) in order to be certified for VA educational benefits. The Texas Veterans Commission (TVC) is the SAA for Texas. The VA must also accept TVC's approvals.

With each updated TCC Catalog, the SAA must approve new undergraduate programs and any previously approved programs (which undergo certain significant changes).

Most TCC programs are approved by the SAA and thus, the VA. However, approval for new programs or existing programs having significant curriculum changes will typically be pending while the SAA and VA complete their reviews each year.

You can view current approved programs by looking up Tarrant County College District in WEAMS, the VA database of approved programs.

Our School Certifying Officials will notify you if you request certification in a TCC program that is pending SAA approval, and provide guidance on exploring alternate programs of study.

Updated February 08, 2021