Military Absences

National Guard Members and Reservists

State regulations provide financial and academic options to National Guard members and Reservists who are called into active service after the beginning of a semester:

  • Refund of tuition and fees that have been paid for the semester,
  • Receipt of an Incomplete (I) grade for the semester's coursework with a contract to complete at a specified date in the future,
  • Receipt of an appropriate grade (as determined by each instructor) if a substantial amount of coursework has been completed.

Active Military Members

State regulations do not provide any option to refund students in the Active Military whose duties require absence from classes.

Active Military members who incur temporary or intermittent absences due to their military assignment will be allowed to complete assignments and examinations within a reasonable time following the absence(s).

Excused absence(s) are allowed for up to 25% of the total class meetings or the contact hour equivalent.

Updated January 20, 2023