Residency for Students in the Military

Residency determines tuition for Texans and Non-Texans in the military. Learn how to change your military residency.

Texans in the Military

If you selected Texas as your home of record upon entering the service and officially changed your permanent residence to another state by submitting a form to the military, you are considered a Texan for tuition purposes.

If you continue to be a Texas resident, you are eligible to pay the resident tuition rate. This is true if you're taking traditional classes while living in Texas, or stationed out of state or out of the country while taking classes via distance learning.

If you meet the conditions above, your spouse and dependent children are also Texas residents and eligible to pay the resident tuition rate, unless they have established or maintained a separate residence from you.

Documents you can use to prove Texas residence include:

  • Papers from the military indicating Texas was your home of record at time of entry into service;
  • Leave and earnings statement showing Texas is still your permanent address with the military.

College for All Texans provides Texas residents with a list of waivers and exemptions.

Non-Texans in the Military

If you did not select Texas as your home of record when you entered the service and you have not taken steps to change your permanent residence with the military to Texas, you are classified as a Non-Texan for tuition-paying purposes.

If you are a Non-Texan service member, you, your spouse and your dependent children must pay the non-resident tuition rate unless you qualify for a waiver under Texas statutes.

Non-Texas Tuition Waivers

To apply for a waiver program, you'll need documents from the military showing that you meet the requirements of the program for which you're applying.

College for All Texans provides Texas residents with a list of waivers and exemptions, including the following:

  • If you are stationed in Texas
  • During first assignment after Texas
  • If family's intent is to make Texas home
  • Survivors
  • Spouse and dependents who previously lived in Texas
  • Honorably discharged or separated veterans
  • NATO forces
  • Radiological Science students at Midwestern State University 

Updated January 20, 2023