Mission and Vision

Tarrant County College District provides affordable and open access to quality teaching and learning.


Tarrant County College will be a recognized leader for academic excellence, economic impact, civic responsibility, and personal enrichment by functioning as one college, being student-ready, and serving the community.

Role and Scope

The College implements its mission through a clearly defined set of programs, services, and partnerships that include:

  • University transfer programs
  • Workforce education programs
  • Technical programs
  • Customized training
  • Developmental courses
  • Adult literacy courses
  • Lifestyle and Community Learning and community services

A commitment to institutional effectiveness through an ongoing process of self-examination, self-improvement and an unending pursuit of excellence guides our programs and services.


The College carries forward its values from the Vision 2015 Strategic Plan:

  • Student Success: Belief in providing quality instruction, resources, and support services to assist our students in achieving their lifelong goals
  • Access: Belief in providing educational opportunities for all members of the community  
  • Excellence: Belief in providing outstanding quality in educational programs, administrative support, and services to its students, faculty and staff  
  • Diversity: Beliefs that the College should reflect the diversity of the community
  • Innovation and Creativity: Belief in cultivating a learning environment that evaluates and incorporates emerging technologies and methodologies to enhance the quality of instruction and administrative support for our students, faculty and staff.


The College has adopted the following goals to support students and the community:

  • One College: TCC will function as One College to provide a consistent and successful student experience.
  • Student Ready College: TCC will put students at the core of all programs and services, so that they are welcomed, engaged, and supported inside and outside the classroom.
  • Serve the Community: TCC will serve the community and be its first choice for partnership.

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Updated February 26, 2024