Quality Enhancement Plan

As part of the reaffirmation process, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) requires that each member institution develop a Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP).

What is a QEP?

The QEP is a five-year action plan to improve student learning or the environment that supports student learning. The plan should have broad-based support from its constituents: students, faculty, staff, administrators and the local community.

The QEP describes how the institution's constituents will come together throughout the QEP process to create and direct the plan. This collaboration is an integral part of a successful QEP.

What was TCC's previous QEP topic?

You might remember our last QEP covered one of our institutional student learning outcomes: critical thinking. Our previous topic, PowerOn: Critical Thinking, focused on faculty professional development and student success in an endeavor to improve student meta-cognition.

Read the full plan for TCC's PowerOn: Critical Thinking (PDF)Listen.

The previous QEP is now operationalized within the institution. A QEP impact report was completed and accepted in 2019 by SACSCOC as a part of TCC's fifth-year report.

What is TCC's next QEP topic?

TCC will decide on the next QEP topic in the coming academic year, starting in Fall 2021. 

How will the QEP topic selection work?

The TCC QEP topic should be innovative, creative, and student-centered, and align with our institutional mission of providing access to quality teaching and learning, and our institutional plan of 3 Goals and 8 Principles.

A QEP steering team was formed in the Spring of 2021 and continues to add content experts to the team from both faculty and staff, including those in academic and student development services.

What is the deadline for creating a QEP?

The QEP should be submitted six weeks in advance of the SACSCOC On-Site Reaffirmation Review Committee.


Marlon Mote
District Director of Institutional Effectiveness, Accreditation and Planning

Updated January 20, 2023