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The Office of Institutional Research generates and provides access to a variety of federal, state, and internal reports.

  • Advisory Panel Reports: Includes reports produced to support advisory panel efforts.
  • Dual Credit & ECHS: Includes reports on Dual Credit and Early College High School.
  • External Reports: Includes reports from EMSI, CCSSE, and SENSE.
  • IPEDS (federal): Includes reports on enrollments, completions, human resources, and financial aid, as well as other data.
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): Includes reports on successful course completion, fall-to-fall retention and four-year graduation rates.
  • LBB Performance Measures: Includes reports to the Legislative Budget Board.
  • Maymester Report (PDF)Listen: Includes a summary of Maymester 2020 enrollment as well as a comparison to prior Maymesters.
  • Presidents' Report: Includes reports with data on feeder high schools and zip codes, academic preparedness (TSI), and success, graduation, and retention rates.
  • THECB (state): Includes reports on 60x30TX progress and Accountability System Performance Measures. Reports use data submitted by TCCD and other Texas higher education institutions, which creates comparison metrics.
  • Transfers: Includes reports on transfers and transfer success.
  • Withdrawals: Includes reports on student withdrawals.


Office of Institutional Research

Updated May 28, 2020