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Apprenticeship Information for Students

Applying to one of our registered apprenticeship positions can help you learn while you earn in high-demand fields.

Our structured occupational programs combine on-the-job training with related classroom instruction so you can learn both the practical and conceptual skills required for a skilled occupation, craft, or trade.

Employers in agreements with the Department of Labor often hire apprentices after they graduate.

An instructor showing students different parts of a car engineBenefits for Students

We will provide details for your selected program and guide you through the apprenticeship process.

Other discussion topics may include but not limited to:

  • Academic and career choice
  • Information about the Student Accessibility Resources (SAR) office
  • Leveraging your on-the-job training into a credit certificate or an associate's degree
  • Prior learning assessment credit
  • Scholarship information and other financial opportunities to support further training and education
  • TCC's admission process and course registration
  • Webinars and specialized training to enhance learning

Contact Us

To get started with an apprenticeship program, contact:

Wahiba Belakhoua, Special Project Coordinator for Apprenticeship

Updated May 13, 2022