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Quick Facts


Our dance programs offer courses in a variety of styles for everyone from the complete novice to the most advanced dancer. You can find your place in our department.

Reasons to Study Dance

  • Fulfill a core curriculum requirement
  • Enjoy an excellent source of exercise
  • Challenge your body mentally and physically
  • Meet new people and try new things

And dance is fun!

See our students dance

Visit TCC Dance Photo Gallery.


Performing Opportunities

You can be a part of student-based dance companies that perform both on and off campus in informal and formal concerts.

Plus, our dance companies are committed to community involvement through outreach programs.

Dance Specialization

If you have a strong interest in dance technique and performance, you can complete an 18-hour dance specialization.

Reasons to Complete the Specialization

  • Transfer to a university-level program to pursue a degree in dance
  • Earn a promotion or pay raise if you are a dance studio teacher
  • Broaden your technical and performance experience in dance


We are currently revising the dance specialization courses and will post the updates during the Fall 2020 semester.

Here are the current course requirements:

  • Modern Dance–4 semesters 
  • Ballet–4 semesters
  • Jazz and/or Tap–2 semesters 
  • Dance Performance–2 semesters 
  • Dance Appreciation–1 semester 
  • Dance Composition–1 semester 

Upon the completion of 18 hours in the dance specialization, you will receive a written recognition of accomplishments in dance technique and performance.

This dance specialization is not a certificate of completion.




Northeast Campus

Kihyoung Choi, Professor of Dance

Hyun Jung (Jenna) Chang, Associate Professor of Dance

Northwest Campus

Kim Jackson, Associate Professor of Humanities & Dance

Amy L. Jennings, Associate Professor of Dance

Lacreacia Sanders, Associate Professor of Dance

South Campus

Kiera Amison, Instructor of Dance

Southeast Campus

Brandy M. Niccolai-Belfi, Associate Professor of Dance

Trinity River Campus

Kiera Amison, Instructor of Dance

Updated June 29, 2020