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Math Developmental Studies

After you complete the math portion of the TSI Assessment, we are ready to guide you on your path to success.

If you scored in the developmental math sequence, your starting point is our Math Developmental Studies

New Math Pathway

Starting Summer 2017, we will offer 2 pathways in mathematics: algebraic and non-algebraic. The path best for you will depend on your major and your transfer institution’s math course requirements.

Now you can save time and money by taking the math courses that fit your studies and career plans.

Check with your advisor and check your transfer institution’s math courserequirements in the Texas Transfer InventoryListen  (PDF will open in a new window).

Traditional Math Pathway: Algebraic

Courses you will take

  • MATH-0361 Developmental Mathematics I
  • MATH-0362 Intermediate Algebra (Developmental Math II)
  • MATH-1314 College Algebra or 
    MATH-1324 Algebra for Business & Social Sciences

New Math Pathway: Non-algebraic

Courses you will take

  • MATH-0361 Developmental Mathematics I
  • MATH-1332 Contemporary Math or 
    MATH-1342 Elementary Statistical Methods

Courses in Detail

MATH-0361 Developmental Mathematics I

Helps you with topics in mathematics, such as:

  • Arithmetic operations
  • Basic algebraic concepts and notation
  • Geometry
  • Real and complex number systems

MATH-0362 Intermediate Algebra (Developmental Math II)

Helps you with topics in algebra, such as:

  • Relations and functions
  • Inequalities
  • Algebraic expressions and equations (absolute value, polynomial, radical, rational), with a special emphasis on:
    • Linear and quadratic expressions
    • Equations

Prerequisite: MATH-0361 Developmental Math I or satisfactory score on TCC placement test

How you exit Math Developmental Studies

Earn a grade of C or higher in MATH-0361 or MATH-0362.



Northeast Campus

Olena Shevchenko
Mathematics Department

Ann Triplett
Mathematics Department

Northwest Campus

Gary Garland
Mathematics Department 

Vicky Gatewood
Mathematics Department 

South Campus

Mehrnaz Ghaffarian 
Mathematics Department

Catherine Haley 
Mathematics Department

Southeast Campus

Degaldra (Gala) Gurley
Mathematics Department

Daniela Kojouharov
Mathematics Department

Trinity River Campus

Nilanjana Rahman
Mathematics Department

Updated November 22, 2017