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Developmental Studies

Quick Facts

Your scores on the TSI Assessment will determine if you need to enroll in Developmental Studies.


Not ready for college courses?

Our Developmental Studies Programs will:

  • Prepare you for entry-level college courses
  • Help you build your academic skills so you will be successful in college

Below are the options we offer:

Developmental Courses

What are Developmental Courses?

These courses build your skills in math, reading, and writing so that you will be successful with subsequent college level course work.

How do they work?

You enroll in the developmental courses you need to get ready for college courses.

After you successfully complete your developmental course requirements, you then enroll in your entry-level credit college courses.

Co-requisite Option

What is it?

You take an entry-level credit course at the same time you are in developmental studies.

How does it work?

You enroll in an entry-level credit course with a required co-enrollment (co-requisite) in a development course or non-course option.

You can take and finish a college-level credit course sooner. Plus, you have the developmental studies co-requisite to support your success in that college-level credit course.

Non-Course Competency-Based Option (NCBO)

What is it?

NCBO is just-in-time instructional support that helps prepare you for college-level work. You get the help you need when you need it.

With NCBO support, you develop the skills, strategies, and reasoning you need to succeed in math, reading, and writing.

How does it work?

NCBO supports you in the areas where you need help so you can successfully complete developmental education.

Learning approaches may include tutoring, supplemental instruction, or labs.

Special Requirements

Student Transitions to College Success Course (STSC)

If you are taking a Developmental Studies course, you are required to enroll in Student Transitions to College Success Course (STSC)

What is STSC?

STSC is a 1-hour non-degree-credit course you take during your first term in college.

Are you TSI liable?

You must enroll in developmental education if you are TSI liable.

Updated November 12, 2019