Developmental Studies

Quick Facts

If you have not met college readiness standards on the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Assessment, you must enroll in Developmental Studies.

About Our Program

Developmental Studies will:

  • Prepare you for entry-level college courses
  • Help you build your academic skills so you will be successful in college

Our Developmental Studies Options

A. Adult Education Courses

If your TSI scores show that you need to build your skills, you will enroll in Adult Education courses. These courses will prepare you for developmental or college-level courses.

After you successfully complete MATH–0090 or INRW–0090 course requirements, you can then enroll in your co-requisite courses or entry-level college credit courses.

B. Co-requisites

In the co-requisite model, you will take a college-level course, and at the same time, you will have a co-requisite to support your success. You can finish your college-credit courses sooner!

We Offer 2 Kinds of Co-Requisites

Your situation and needs will determine your co-requisite.

  • Extra Classroom Support: You will have an additional 1 or 2 hours in class—depending on your credit course. This will give you more time per week with your instructor to discuss important topics and build your Math or Reading and Writing skills.
  • Online Resources: You will have access to free online resources designed to help you successfully complete your Math or Reading and Writing credit course. You will earn a grade of Credit (CR) as long as you do not withdraw from the course. Online resources do not require class attendance and do not include classroom teaching. Instead, you will log in to your course in Canvas to access topic reviews, practice tests, and linked materials.

*In all cases, check your degree or certificate program in the applicable Catalog to verify course requirements.

Special Requirements

Student Transitions to College Success Course (STSC)

If you are taking a Developmental Studies course, you are required to enroll in Student Transitions to College Success Course (STSC)

What is STSC?

STSC is a 1-hour non-degree-credit course you take during your first term in college.

Updated February 06, 2024