Fields of Study

Transfer your coursework easily

Fields of Study, along with the Core Curriculum, are designed to make it easy to transfer courses among Texas colleges and universities.

What is a Field of Study?

A Field of Study is a set of courses that fulfills lower-division (freshman and sophomore) requirements for bachelor's degrees in majors that correspond to the Field of Study.

This means that once you successfully complete the set of courses in your chosen Field of Study, those courses will transfer and apply to a corresponding bachelor's-level degree at a Texas college or university.

All Texas public colleges and universities are required to accept Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board-approved field of study curricula, along with core curricula.

Fields of Study are not degrees or certificates

A Field of Study is indicated only on an official TCC transcript. You do not receive a diploma for a Field of Study. 

When you earn a Field of Study, you are not eligible to participate in commencement unless you will be awarded an associate degree or certificate of completion during the same academic year.

Fields of Study

You should consult with a career advisor about transferring to a specific college or university.

Updated March 01, 2024