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Apply to the Police Academy

Choose Your Track

As a cadet, you have the option to attend the Police Academy for college credit or as a non-credit student.

College Credit Option

College credit courses apply toward college or university degrees. Upon completion, you will receive up to 18 semester hours of college credit.

Non-Credit Option

Non-credit courses lead to certifications and professional credentials. Courses award certificate hours or continuing education units (CEUs).

Looking for In-Service Training?

Our Criminal Justice Training Center supports the Tarrant County law enforcement community’s training needs with:

Admission Requirements

You must:

  • Be 21 years of age before completion of the 776-hour academy. See TCOLE Statutes and Rules Handbook for more information.
  • Meet TCOLE minimum requirements for licensing.
  • Complete the application packet from the Criminal Justice Training Center. (Packets for employed students are sent to agencies only.)
  • Pass a complete medical and psychological exam.
  • Be able to perform strenuous physical activities.
  • Show proof of Bacterial Meningitis vaccination if under the age of 22.

Items that are needed with your application:

  • Texas Driver's License
  • Birth Certificate or Proof of U.S. Citizenship
  • High School Diploma or HSE
  • College Transcript(s) (if any)—including TSI Assessment scores
  • DD Form 214 or military discharge papers (applies to those that have served in the military)


Your application must be completed and reviewed.

After all applications have been reviewed, a Basic Police Officer Academy (BPOA) Coordinator will contact the selected individuals.

Please wait for them to review your application before you contact them.



Northwest Campus

Criminal Justice Training Center / Police Academy

4801 Marine Creek Parkway
Fort Worth, Texas 76179

Independent Applicant Information

Anthony Giardino, Background Investigator

Police Academy

Jim McGregor, Police Academy Coordinator

Sha King, Police Academy Coordinator

Updated October 30, 2019