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Performance Requirements

You must meet the following performance requirements to ensure patient safety and welfare during your time in our program and throughout your career.

Physical Requirements

  • Visual acuity (with corrective lenses if needed) to:
    • Read very fine, small print on:
      • Identify oral tissue changes
      • Evaluate treatment (the hygienist measures conditions in millimeters)
  • Hearing ability (with auditory aids if needed) to:
    • Understand the normal speaking voice without viewing the speaker's face
    • Take / hear blood pressure with a stethoscope
  • Manual dexterity to:
    • Use a variety of instruments in the small confined space of the oral cavity
    • Maintain equipment
  • Physical ability to:
    • Sit for prolonged periods of time
    • Perform repetitive wrist motion for instrumentation
    • Move from room to room
    • Maneuver in limited spaces

Communication Requirements

  • Communicate effectively by:
    • Speaking clearly and succinctly when :
      • Explaining treatment procedures and patient conditions
      • Implementing dental health teaching and professional speaking
    • Writing legibly and correctly in a patient's chart for documentation of treatment
  • Function safely under stressful conditions with the ability to:
    • Adapt to a changing environment inherent in clinic situations involving patient care
  • Computer skills to:
    • Use a variety of software programs and the internet for research and course projects. PowerPoint is utilized for presentations.



Northeast Campus

Health Sciences Department
Building NHSC, Room 1131
828 W. Harwood Road
Hurst, TX 76054

Updated June 14, 2017