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Degrees Certificates Transfers
AA Associate of Arts CRT1 Level 1 Certificate FOS Field of Study
AAT Associate of Arts in Teaching CRT2 Level 2 Certificate  
AS Associate of Science ATC Advanced Technical Certificate  
AAS Associate of Applied Science ESC Enhanced Skills Certificate  
  OSA Occupational Skills Award  

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  • Business Administration: Accounting Assistant, AAS
    • Accounting Assistant I, CRT1
    • Accounting Assistant II, CRT1
    • Accounting Assistant III, CRT2
  • Accounting Information Management, AAS
    • Accounting Clerk I, CRT1
    • Accounting Clerk II, CRT1
    • Accounting Clerk III, CRT2
    • Basic Bookkeeper, OSA

Anesthesia Technology

  • Anesthesia Technology, AAS

Architectural Technology

  • Architectural Technology, AAS
    • Architectural CAD Operator, CRT1
    • Architectural Paraprofessional, CRT1
    • Architectural Technology, OSA
  • Architecture, FOS

Associate of Arts, AA

Associate of Science, AS

Automotive: Collision Repair

  • Automotive Collision Repair, AAS
    • Automotive Metal Repair, CRT1
    • Automotive Refinishing, CRT1

Automotive: Service Technology

  • Automotive Service Technology, AAS
    • Diesel Technician, CRT1 
    • Engine Analysis Technician, CRT1
    • Heavy Line Technician, CRT1
    • General Service Technician, OSA

Automotive: Toyota Technician Education Network (T-TEN)

  • Automotive Service Technology: Toyota Technician Education Network, AAS
    • Toyota General Service Technician, CRT1
    • Toyota Service Technician, CRT2

Aviation: Aviation Maintenance Technology

  • Aviation Maintenance Technology: Airframe, AAS
    • Advanced Composite Technology, CRT1
    • Avionics Line Maintenance, CRT1
    • Aviation Maintenance Technology: Airframe, CRT2
  • Aviation Maintenance Technology: Powerplant, AAS
    • Aviation Maintenance Technology: Powerplant, CRT2

Aviation: Professional Pilot

  • Aviation: Professional Pilot, AAS
    • Commercial Pilot, CRT1
    • Flight Instructor, ESC




  • Associate of Arts in Business, AA
  • Business Administration: Business, AAS
    • Business I, CRT1
    • Business II, CRT2
  • Business Administration & Management, FOS



Central Sterile Processing

  • Central Sterile Processing, CRT1


  • Associate of Science in Chemistry, AS

Child Development

  • Child Development, AAS
    • After School Provider, CRT1
    • Preschool Child Care Provider, CRT1
    • Child Care Administration, CRT2

Computed Tomography (CT)

  • Computed Tomography Advanced Technical, ATC

Computer-Aided Drafting & Design

  • Computer-Aided Drafting & Design Technology: Building / Civil Technology, AAS
    • Building Technology, CRT1
    • Civil Technology, CRT1
    • Basic CAD Technician, OSA
  • Computer-Aided Drafting & Design Technology: Manufacturing Technology, AAS
    • CNC Machinist Technology, CRT1
    • Manufacturing Technology, CRT2

Computer Science: See Information Technology

Construction Management Technology

  • Construction Management Technology, AAS
    • Construction Inspection Technician, CRT1
    • Construction Management Technology, CRT1

Criminal Justice

  • Criminal Justice, AAS
    • Security Management, OSA
  • Criminal Justice, FOS

Culinary Arts

  • Culinary Arts, AAS
    • Baking & Pastry, CRT1
    • Culinary Arts I, CRT1
    • Catering / Private Chef, CRT2



Dental Assistant (Registered Dental Assistant)

  • Registered Dental Assistant, CRT1

Dental Hygiene

  • Dental Hygiene, AAS

Diagnostic Medical Sonography

  • Diagnostic Medical Sonography, AAS
    • Diagnostic Medical Sonography, CRT2

Dietetics: Dietetic Technician

  • Dietetic Technician, AAS

Dietetics: Dietary Manager

  • Dietary Manager, CRT1

Dietetics: Nutrition Specialist I

  • Nutrition Specialist I, CRT1

Dietetics: Food & Nutrition Coach

  • Food & Nutrition Coach, CRT2

Dietetics: Healthy Meal Planning

  • Healthy Meal Planning, OSA



Education: See Teaching

Electrical Line Technician

  • Electrical Line Technician, AAS
    • Ground Technician, CRT1
    • Line Technician, CRT2

Electronics Technology: Advanced Energy Technician

  • Electronics Technology: Advanced Energy Technician, AAS
    • Renewable Energy Technology, CRT1

Electronics Technology: Engineering Technology

  • Electronics Technology: Engineering Technology, AAS
    • Electronics Engineering Technology, CRT1

Electronics Technology: Robotics & Automation

  • Electronics Technology: Robotics & Automation, AAS
    • Mechatronics Technology, CRT1

Emergency Medical Services: Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

  • Emergency Medical Technician, CRT1

Emergency Medical Services: Paramedic Programs

  • Emergency Medical Services, AAS
    • Paramedic Program, CRT1


  • Associate of Science in Engineering, AS
    • Civil Engineering, FOS
    • Mechanical Engineering, FOS

Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management

  • Business Administration: Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management, AAS
    • Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management I, CRT1
    • Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management II, CRT2
    • Small Business Associate, OSA



Fashion Merchandising

  • Business Administration: Fashion Merchandising, AAS
    • Fashion Merchandising I, CRT1
    • Fashion Merchandising II, CRT2
    • Fashion Sales Associate, OSA

Fire Protection Technology

  • Fire Protection Technology, AAS



Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

  • Geographic Information Systems, AAS
    • Basic Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Skills, CRT1
    • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Programmer, CRT1
    • Geographic Information Systems, CRT2

Graphic Communication

  • Graphic Communication, AAS
    • Computer Graphics, CRT1
    • Photographic Retouching, CRT1



Health Information Technology

  • Health Information Technology, AAS

Health Science Programs

Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Technology (HVAC)

  • Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Technology: Commercial HVAC/R Technician, AAS
    • HVAC/R Commercial Technician, CRT2
    • HVAC Installer, OSA
  • Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Technology: Residential HVAC/R Technician, AAS
    • HVAC Residential Technician I, CRT1
    • HVAC Residential Technician II, CRT1


  • Horticulture, AAS
    • Horticulture, CRT1
    • Plant Health Specialist, CRT1
    • Horticulture Business Management, CRT2
    • Horticulture Basic Skills, OSA

Hospitality Management

  • Hospitality Management: Food Service Management, AAS
    • Beverage Management I, CRT1
    • Food Service Operations, CRT1
    • Beverage Management II, CRT2
  • Hospitality Management: Hospitality / Travel & Tourism Management, AAS
    • Hospitality / Hotel Supervision, CRT1
    • Hospitality / Travel & Tourism Supervision, CRT2
  • Hospitality Management: Meeting & Event Planning / Convention & Group Management, AAS
    • Meeting & Event Planning / Convention & Group Management, CRT1

Human Resources Management

  • Human Resources Management, AAS
    • Human Resources Specialist I, CRT1
    • Human Resources Specialist II, CRT2



Industrial Technician

  • Industrial Technician, AAS
    • Industrial Technician I, CRT1
    • Industrial Technician II, CRT2

Information Technology: Cloud Computing

  • Information Technology: Cloud Computing, AAS
    • Cloud Computing I, CRT1

Information Technology: Computer Support Specialist

  • Information Technology: Computer Support Specialist (Customer Service/Call Center/Teleservice Operations), CRT1

Information Technology: Cybersecurity

  • Information Technology: Cybersecurity, AAS
    • Cybersecurity Specialist, CRT1
    • Ethical Hacking, CRT2

Information Technology: Game, Simulation & Animation Design

  • Information Technology: Game, Simulation & Animation Design, AAS
    • Animation for Game & Simulation, CRT1
    • Game & Simulation Programming I, CRT1
    • Game & Simulation Programming II, CRT2

Information Technology: Network Support

  • Information Technology: Network Support, AAS
    • Information Technology Support, CRT1
    • Network Support, CRT2

Information Technology: Programming

  • Information Technology: Programming, AAS
    • Programming I, CRT1
    • Programming II, CRT2

Information Technology: Web Applications Programming

  • Information Technology: Web Applications Programming, AAS
    • Web Applications Programming I, CRT1
    • Web Applications Programming II, CRT2




  • Associate of Arts in Kinesiology, AA



Library Technician

  • Library Technician, AAS
    • Library Technician, CRT1

Logistics & Supply Chain Management

  • Logistics & Supply Chain Management, AAS
    • Transportation Management, CRT1
    • Warehouse Management, CRT1

Long Term Care Administration

  • Long Term Care Administration, CRT1



Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technology (MRI)

  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technology Advanced, ATC


  • Business Administration: Management, AAS
    • Management I, CRT1
    • Retail Management, CRT1
    • Management II, CRT2
  • Business Administration & Management, FOS


  • Business Administration: Marketing, AAS
    • Marketing I, CRT1
    • Marketing II, CRT2
    • Marketing, OSA


  • Associate of Science in Mathematics, AS

Medical Assistant

  • Medical Assistant, CRT1

Mental Health & Human Services

  • Mental Health & Human Services, AAS
    • Social Work, CRT1
  • Mental Health Substance Abuse Counseling, AAS
    • Substance Abuse Counseling, CRT1
  • Social Work, FOS


  • Associate of Arts in Music, AA
  • Music, FOS



Nondestructive Inspection, Testing & Evaluation

  • Nondestructive Inspection, Testing & Evaluation, AAS

Nuclear Medicine Technology

  • Nuclear Medicine Technology, AAS


  • Nursing, AAS
  • Nursing, FOS



Occupational Safety & Environmental Technology

  • Occupational Safety & Environmental Technology, AAS
    • Environmental Health & Safety Technician, CRT1
    • Water Resources Technician, CRT1

Office Technology

  • Office Technology Professional, AAS
    • Administrative Specialist, CRT1
    • Applications Specialist, CRT1
    • Office Technology Specialist, CRT2
    • Office Assistant, OSA

Ophthalmic Technician

  • Ophthalmic Technician, AAS
    • Ophthalmic Assistant I, CRT1
    • Ophthalmic Assistant II, CRT2



Paralegal Studies

  • Paralegal Studies, AAS
    • Paralegal Studies, ATC

Patient Care Technician (PCT)

  • Patient Care Technician, CRT1

Physical Therapist Assistant

  • Physical Therapist Assistant, AAS


  • Pipefitter, AAS
    • Pipefitting–Basic, CRT1
    • Pipefitting–Advanced, CRT1


  • Psychology, FOS



Radio, Television & Film

  • Radio, Television and Film, AAS
    • Sound Recording Technology, CRT1
    • Multimedia Production, CRT2

Radiologic Technology

  • Radiologic Technology, AAS

Real Estate

  • Real Estate, AAS
    • Real Estate, CRT1

Respiratory Care

  • Respiratory Care, AAS



Sign Language Interpreting

  • Sign Language Interpreting, AAS
    • Basic American Sign Language Acquisition, CRT1
    • Sign Language Communicator, CRT1
    • Educational Sign Language Interpreting, ESC
    • Conversational ASL for Healthcare Workers Certificate, OSA

Surgical Technology

  • Surgical Technology, AAS



Teacher Education

  • Associate of Arts in Teaching: Early Childhood through Grade 6, AAT
  • Associate of Arts in Teaching: Grades 4-8 and Early Childhood through Grade 12 Special Education, AAT
  • Associate of Arts in Teaching: Grades 8-12 and Early Childhood through Grade 12 Other than Special Education, AAT



Vascular Interventional Radiography

  • Vascular Interventional Radiography, ATC

Visual Arts

  • Associate of Arts in Visual Arts, AA

Vocational Nursing

  • Vocational Nursing, CRT2



Welding Technology

  • Welding Technology, AAS
    • Welding: Advanced, CRT1
    • Welding: Basic, CRT1

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