Advanced Placement (AP) Credit

Advanced Placement (AP) exams are College Board exams offered to students while they're still in high school. Learn more about AP exams on the College Board website.

TCC does not provide testing for AP exams but does accept AP scores for college credit.

How do I submit my AP scores to TCC?

AP scores submitted for credit should be officially sent to TCC through College Board. Learn about sending AP scores via College Board.

While you wait for your official score report to arrive at TCC, you can get immediate help from a campus Admissions and Registrar Office. Be sure to have a printout of your AP score report and a receipt showing that your order has been placed for the official report.

When will AP scores show up on my transcript?

If your scores are accepted, the grade for the course will appear as "CR" on your transcript. Scores will be posted to your transcript after census date(s) but before current semester has ended.

Is there a fee to add AP scores to my transcript?

There is no fee for posting AP credit to your transcript.

What AP scores are eligible for college credit at TCC?

AP Exam Score
3 4 5

Course TCC Equivalent(s) Credit Hours
Art History x x x Art Appreciation ARTS-1301 3
Biology x x x Biology for Science Majors I & II BIOL-1406 & 1407 8
Calculus AB x x x Calculus I MATH-2413 4
Calculus BC x x x Calculus I & II MATH-2413 & 2414 8
Chemistry x x x General Chemistry I & II CHEM-1411 & 1412 8
Computer Science A x x x Programming Fundamentals I COSC-1436 4
Computer Science Principles x x x Introduction to Computing COSC-1301 3
Economics, Macro x x x Principles of Macroeconomics ECON-2301 3
Economics, Micro x x x Principles of Microeconomics ECON-2302 3
English Lang/Comp x x   Composition I ENGL-1301 3
English Lang/Comp     x Composition I & II ENGL-1301 & 1302 6
English Literature x x x Literature ENGL-1301 3
French x x   Beginning French I FREN-1411 4
French     x Beginning French I & II FREN-1411 & 1412 8
German x x   Beginning German I GERM-1411 4
German     x Beginning German I & II GERM-1411 & 1412 8
Government & Politics x x x Federal Government GOVT-2305 3
History (American) x x x US History I & II HIST-1301 & 1302 6
History (European) x x x Western Civilization I HIST-2311 3
Music Theory x x x Music Appreciation MUSI-1306 3
Physics 1 & 2 (Algebra-Based)1 x x x College Physics I & II PHYS-1401 & 1402 8
Physics C, Part I (Mechanics) x x x University Physics I PHYS-2425 4
Physics C, Part II (Electricity & Magnetism) x x x University Physics II PHYS-2426 4
Psychology x x x General Psychology PSYC-2301 3
Spanish Language & Culture x x   Beginning Spanish I SPAN-1411 4
Spanish Language & Culture     x Beginning Spanish I & II SPAN-1411 & 1412 8
Statistics x x x Elementary Statistical Methods MATH-1342 3

1 You must successfully pass both Physics 1 & Physics 2 exams to earn credit for Physics 1401 & 1402

Updated January 20, 2023