How to get PLA Credit: AP Exams

Apply your Advanced Placement (AP) Exam credit to your degree or certificate program. 

See the list of AP Exams that are approved for TCC course credit.

We work together in the PLA process:

  • You
  • Your Campus Admissions and Registrar Office
  • District Admissions and Records Office


  1. You
    • Confirm you meet the following eligibility requirements to receive credit for your AP Exams. You must:
      • Be enrolled at TCC during the semester is awarded
      • Have successfully completed 6 semester credit hours with a grade of C or better
  2. You
    • Send electronically your AP test scores from College Board to TCC (preferred method)
    • Deliver your AP test scores to your campus—you must give both the score report and a hard-copy fee receipt from College Board to your Campus Admissions and Registrar Office
  3. Campus Admissions & Registrar Office
    • Posts your TSI Status, if needed, based on certain eligible scores
    • Helps you register for your course if your AP credit satisfies a prerequisite for the course
    • Sends score report/receipt to the District Admissions and Records Office if scores are eligible for credit
  4. District Admissions & Records Office
    • Applies course(s) to your transcript after census date(s) but before current semester has ended
  5. You
    • Check My Progress or Unofficial Transcript in MyTCCTrack to confirm course(s) are posted



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Updated May 09, 2024