TSI Course Placement

If you have tested into a college readiness class, you will be required to enroll in at least one class in your lowest tested level each semester until you have completed all your required classes. 

How do I know which class I test into?

Refer to the TSI Assessment placement score charts to see which courses you are required to take.

TSI Placement Score Charts

NCBO stands for non-course-based option and refers to our Developmental Studies, which prepare you for college-level work.

Co-requisite is a paired course. You take an entry-level credit course at the same time you are in developmental studies. The pairing gives you the support you need to successfully complete the college-level credit course.

What if I try to register for other classes without registering for my college readiness class?

To be able to register for other classes, you must first register for at least one of your required college readiness classes.

If you try to enroll in another class without first enrolling in your college readiness class, you will receive an error message, instructing you that you will need to be enrolled in one of the listed classes.

Updated January 20, 2023