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TSI Course Placement

If you have tested into a college readiness class, you will be required to enroll in at least one class in your lowest tested level each semester until you have completed all your required classes. 

How do I know which class I test into?

Use the following tables to determine which class you're required to take based on your TSI scores.


Starting Summer 2017, we will offer 2 pathways in mathematics: algebraic and non-algebraic. Find out which pathway you can take, depending on your major and your transfer institution's math course requirements.

NCBO stands for non-course-based option.

TSI A Score Course Placement
310335 and ABE Level 1–4 MATH 0090
310335 and ABE Level 56 MATH 0361
336339 MATH 0361
340349 MATH 0362 or 
MATH 1332 and non-algebraic NCBO or 
MATH 1342 and non-algebraic NCBO
348–349 MATH 1342 and NCBO or
MATH 1314 and NCBO (algebraic pathway)
350-390 College Level Ready
MATH 1314, MATH 1324
(algebraic requirement or transfer requirement)


TSI A Score Course Placement
310341 and ABE Level 1–2 INRW 0090
310341 and ABE Level 3–6 INRW 0395 or ESOL 0307
342348 INRW 0395 or ESOL 0308
349350 INRW 0399 or ESOL 0309
351390 College Level Ready


TSI A Score (Multiple Choice) TSI A Score (Essay) Course Placement
310319 and ABE Level 1–6 04 INRW 0090
320329 and ABE Level 1–3 04 INRW 0395 or ESOL 0310
320329 and ABE Level 4–6 04 INRW 0395 or ESOL 0311
330339 and ABE level 1–6
340 or higher
INRW 0399 or ESOL 0312
340 or higher 4 or higher College Level Ready
<340 and ABE Level 4 or higher 5 or higher College Level Ready

What if I try to register for other classes without registering for my college readiness class?

To be able to register for other classes, you must first register for at least one of your required college readiness classes.

If you try to enroll in another class without first enrolling in your college readiness class, you will receive an error message in WebAdvisor, instructing you that you will need to be enrolled in one of the listed classes.

Updated October 13, 2017