Business Advisory Council

You can be a part of assuring that TCC prepares students with the skills needed to be successful, contributing citizens within our community.

As a community employer, employee, program graduate or civic leader, you can help guide our programs that are related to your area of expertise. We use your input to improve our workforce education programs and to keep our programs relevant to today's workplace.

Most program advisory committees meet formally once or twice annually.

How Advisory Committees Might Serve

  • Determine local labor needs
  • Advise on current trends in the workforce
  • Offer workplace knowledge and skill sets
  • Review program course content
  • Help with long-range plans for programs
  • Recommend instructional resources
  • Model experience as a classroom speaker
  • Serve as student mentor
  • Host field trips
  • Participate in job placement of graduates

Programs and Specializations Served by Advisory Committees

  • Accounting
  • Business
  • Economics
  • Management
  • Marketing

If you are interested in serving in this invaluable advisory role, please contact one of our members.


Northeast Campus

Michael Kaluya, Ph.D.
Chair of Business

Rachel Allmon, M.S.
Coordinator of Management

Trinity River Campus

Alicia Lupinacci, Ph.D.
Chair of Business

Updated January 20, 2023