Now that you've received your financial aid award, it's time to pay for your classes. Normally, classes that have not been paid by midnight on the day of registration are dropped from the student's schedule. However, after you have a financial aid award, all you need to do after registration is wait for disbursement.

What is financial aid disbursement?

Financial aid disbursement is when your financial aid funds are applied to any outstanding course balance on your account.

When will my classes be paid?

According to the Department of Education, the earliest funds can be released to your account is 10 days before the first day of your class. You should receive an email in your my.tccd.edu email account letting you know more details about your particular disbursement.

If you are taking out a loan and a first-time borrower, you must wait 30 days for your first disbursement. One-semester loans are disbursed in two payments. Learn more about applying for and receiving federal loans.

What happens if I still have a balance after my disbursement?

If you still have a balance remaining with TCC after financial aid funds have been applied to your account, you will need to resolve them by the first day of class to avoid being dropped from your classes. You may pay the remaining balance with Business Services or sign up for a payment plan. Learn more about available payment methods.

What is the difference between a disbursement and a refund?

A refund is any money left over after your financial aid has been disbursed and paid to your account. You will not receive your refund until the disbursement period has been completed. Refunds may take three to five business days. Learn more about the different ways you can choose to receive your refund.

I'm not taking a 16-week class, when will I receive my disbursement?

If you're taking what's known as a non-standard term class, your financial aid will not disburse until approximately seven days prior to the start of your class. Non-standard terms may include, but are not limited to: MOD Math, STSC 0111, 8-week classes and Weekend College.

I'm thinking of dropping a class, will it affect my disbursement?

For information on how dropping or adding classes can affect your financial aid disbursements, review financial aid recalculations for changes in enrollment.

Updated September 29, 2023