Tuition Deferment for Texas Veterans

In compliance with Texas Education Code 56.0065, if you qualify for state or federal military financial assistance, you're eligible to request tuition deferment for 60 days.

What should I know before I request my tuition deferment?

  • Your deferment request is only valid for one term.
  • This is not a request for veteran or other military educational benefits. See Educational Benefits for information on how to apply for these benefits
  • You must apply for your educational benefits before making your request.
    • 33 Post 9/11 Students: You do not need to submit the tuition deferment form as long as you're eligible and have already applied for your educational benefits. When your eligibility is less than 100%, you will need to pay your share of the charges.
  • Do not a submit a deferment request if you have Hazlewood benefits, which (if approved) are applied to your account the same business day.

How do I request my tuition deferment?

To request your tuition deferment,

  1. Complete the Tuition Deferment for Texas Veterans and Their Families form (PDF)Listen
  2. Email your form to Business Services at

The deadline to submit your tuition deferment request is 2 business days before your tuition payment deadline.

You will receive a confirmation email when your request has been reviewed and processed. Follow up with Business Services if you do not receive a response within 2 business days.

Once tuition charges are paid, the payment deferment will be removed from your account and payment will become due immediately for any remaining balances for the term.

What happens after the 60 day deferment ends?

After the payment deferment period has ended, your account balance will become due immediately, regardless of anticipated funding.

You must meet all financial obligations to TCC before your transcript will be released or before you're allowed to register for future terms/sessions.

You are responsible for balances owed, regardless of anticipated funding from:

  • Military Tuition Assistance (TA),
  • Spouse Career Advancement (MyCAA),
  • Veterans education benefit (VA),
  • Federal student aid (federal or state), or
  • Any other funding.

You are also expected to regularly check your student financial account to understand your financial obligation to TCC, regardless of whether funding has been approved, denied, or appears in a pending state.

Will my classes be dropped due to non-payment while I'm waiting to hear about my request?

If you are approved for payment deferment, you will not be dropped from courses due to non-payment because the courses have been secured by the payment deferment request.

What if I'm granted the deferment request but then I drop a class?

If you requested to defer payment but dropped your courses after the start of the semester, you will be responsible for any balances due in accordance with the TCC refund schedule, regardless of anticipated funding.

It is your responsibility to drop any unwanted classes should you not expect to be held responsible for the tuition and fees.

Updated January 20, 2023