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Veterans Counseling

Our Veterans Counselors work to empower you, our veterans, while promoting learning, and advocating for policies and procedures designed to perpetually improve TCC, making the College, truly veteran-friendly.

Our Veterans Counselors can provide you with:

  • Individual and group educational and vocational guidance services.
  • Short-term personal counseling.
  • Counseling toward understanding and overcoming social, emotional, and developmental issues.
  • Referals to local, state, and federal Veterans Affairs (VA) agencies and resources as needed.
  • Veteran student wellness and/or student success seminars.


Northeast Campus

Chris Hunt, M. Div, M.A. LPC, USAF Desert Storm Veteran
NSTU 2827

Northwest Campus

Anna Hinman, MS, NCC, LPC
WSTU 2814A

South Campus

Valerie Groll, M.A., NCC, LPC
SFOC 1341B

Southeast Campus

Christina McDonald, M.S., LPC-S
ESEC 2116A

Trinity River Campus

Kevin D. Curry III, Med, LPC, BPC
TRTR 1401B

Updated February 01, 2018