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Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals

If you would like to bring an emotional support animal to campus, you follow the same process as other students requesting accommodations for a documented disability.

You must provide documentation from an appropriate medical professional with the diagnosis and explain that an emotional support animal would be an appropriate accommodation.

Request accommodations from the SAR Office.

Your animal may be asked to leave campus if it is out of control and/or is not housebroken.

Service Animals vs Emotional Support Animals

Service animals and emotional support animals serve different purposes and therefore have differing policies.

Service Animals Support Animals
Required due to a disability Provide comfort just by being with a person
Trained to do a task/assist the person with a disability Not trained to do a task/work
Does not have to be registered with the SAR Office, but can be voluntarily Must be registered with the SAR Office through the accommodation process

For more information visit the Frequently Asked Questions about Service Animals and the ADA on the ADA website.

Updated September 10, 2020