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Wireless Internet Access

Wireless network access is limited to Internet access only. However, you will be able to use any wireless device from any campus, if you follow the directions below.

Users should read: 

How to Connect

  1. Depending on your device, the SSID will always be displayed as TCCD-Public.
  2. Using your cursor, select the TCCD-PUBLIC
    • Selecting the Connect automatically option will allow your device to connect to the TCCD-PUBLIC network whenever you are on a TCC campus.
    • If you do not want to automatically connect when you arrive on a TCC campus, do not check this option and manually select connect each time.
  3. Click on the connect button.
  4. Open any available browser on the machine.
  5. The browser will redirect you to a pass-through page with the wireless Acceptable Use Guidelines for all TCC campuses.
  6. Please read the agreement and accept the terms and conditions as shown below:Screenshot of the WiFi agreement
  7. Should you decide not to accept the guidelines or provide a user email address, you will be unable to use the TCCD-PUBLIC Wireless network for Internet access from your device(s).
  8. To be able to connect to the TCCD-PUBLIC Wireless network, you will need to click the I have read and understand the guidelines above checkbox.
  9. You must also provide your email address and click on the Accept submit button as shown below.
    Screenshot of the WiFi acceptance after agreement
  10. The page immediately would show a message indicating that authentication was successful and will redirect you to the website.
  11. You are now connected to the TCCD-PUBLIC Wireless network and the Internet

Note: Only HTTP and HTTPS types of traffic are allowed.


  • You are connecting to an unsecured network. Information sent over this wireless network connection is not encrypted and might be visible to other people.
  • Security is only provided for your initial login.
  • It is possible for someone to obtain information that is being transmitted by your computer.
  • By logging in, you acknowledge that you are responsible for the security of your personal computer and the data that you are transmitting.

Updated August 15, 2016