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Fort Worth Regional Texas Science Olympiad Competition

Hosted by South Campus:

  • Community Education & Engagement
  • Division of Mathematics & Natural Sciences
  • Division of Business & Technology

Can my student join a team?

TCC does not have a team. We host the competition.

Local schools and organizations form teams. Check with your school.

If your school is interested in putting together a team, see Start a Team.

What is the Texas Science Olympiad?

The Texas Science Olympiad (TSO) tournament is a challenging academic competition.

Science Olympiad competitions are like academic track meets. Teams compete in a series of events in each division.

  • Division B: Grades 6–9
  • Division C: Grades 9–12

You prepare and practice during the year. Events that follow the format of popular board games, TV shows and athletic games.

The competition gives you the chance to use your skills and knowledge in these science and engineering fields:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Computers
  • Earth science
  • Physics
  • Technology

The events require knowledge of facts, concepts, processes, skills and science applications.

Winners of the regional competitions go on to compete in state and national Science Olympiads.

What are the events?

You will take part in a variety of fun events that focus on active, hands-on teamwork.

2019 Events

Division B Division C
Anatomy & Physiology Anatomy & Physiology
Boomilever Astronomy
Circuit Lab Boomilever
Crime Busters Circuit Lab
Density Lab Disease Detectives
Disease Detectives Dynamic Planet
Dynamic Planet Fermi Questions
Fossils Forensics
Herpetology Fossils
Mystery Architecture Geologic Mapping
Road Scholar Herpetology
Roller Coaster Mousetrap Vehicle
Solar System Sounds of Music
Thermodynamics Thermodynamics
Write it Do It Write It Do It



South Campus

Community Education & Engagement
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Updated September 03, 2019