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Credit vs. Non-credit

We offer 2 types of courses: college credit and continuing education (non-credit).


  • Course refers to the subject area, e.g., ENGL 1301; each course is made up of class sections.
  • Class refers to the times and days a specific course section meets, e.g., ENGL-1301-8001.  

College Credit Courses

College credit courses apply toward college and university degrees. Course credits are measured in semester credit hours.

  • Basics / Core Curriculum
    • Fields of Study
  • Degree-Track Courses & Programs

See the Catalog for details.

Developmental Studies

If you are not yet ready for college-level coursework, you can start with our developmental studies courses. These courses help you develop your academic skills, so you will be successful in college. Developmental studies courses are listed on your transcript but are not included in your grade point average (GPA).

Non-Credit Courses

Non-credit courses, which are not offered for college credit, lead to certifications and industry-recognized credentials. In many cases, continuing education units (CEUs) are awarded.

Also, you can take non-credit courses to improve your job or academic skills, for GED preparation, or for your personal enrichment.

Updated May 18, 2021