Performance Requirements: Central Sterile Processing

You must meet the following performance requirements to ensure patient safety and welfare during your time in our program and throughout your career.

Physical Requirements

  • Visual acuity (with corrective lenses if needed) to:
    • Identify cyanosis
    • Observe absence of respiratory movement in patients
    • See adverse skin reactions to treatments
    • Read very fine print on monitors and equipment
    • Evaluate images for diagnostic quality
  • Hearing ability (with auditory aids if needed) to:
    • Understand the normal speaking voice without viewing the speaker’s face
    • Hear monitor alarms, emergency signals, call bells from patients, equipment timers and alarms
  • Manual dexterity to:
    • Use sterile techniques
    • Manipulate and assemble equipment for use
  • Physical ability to:
    • Stand for prolonged periods of time
    • Perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
    • Lift objects of 35 pounds or more
    • Push pieces of equipment from room to room
    • Maneuver in limited spaces

Special Precaution

You must not be restricted from working industrial grade cleaning solutions.

Communication Requirements

  • Communicate effectively in verbal and written form by:
    • Speaking clearly and succinctly when interacting with nurses, surgeons, team leaders, etc.
    • Using electronic means (computers) to talk with others
  • Function safely under stressful conditions with the ability to:
    • Adapt to the ever-changing environment inherent in clinical situations involving the sterilization of equipment
  • Computer skills to:
    • Use a variety of software programs and the internet for research and course projects, including PowerPoint for presentations



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