Patient Care Technician (PCT)

Quick Program Facts

Program Description

What do patient care technicians (PCTs) do?

PCTs work directly with patients and collaborate with nurses.

PCTs may:

  • Measure vital signs
  • Draw blood & collect specimens for diagnostics
  • Manage patient food & fluid intake
  • Perform basic laboratory work
  • Perform electrocardiograms (ECGs)
  • Monitor patient safety & protect patient rights
  • Offer emotional support to patients & their loved ones

PCTs work in a variety of settings, such as:

  • Hospitals
  • Doctors’ offices
  • Long-term care facilities
  • Nursing homes
  • Rehabilitation Clinics
  • Skilled nursing facilities
  • Cancer clinics
  • Blood banks

About Our Program

You will learn the basics of patient care and how to work effectively with members of the health care team.

We have carefully planned our program to teach you the skills and knowledge you need to become an invaluable asset to the health care team.

Course topics include:

  • Medical terminology
  • Basic health profession skills
  • Pharmacology
  • Pathophysiology
  • Phlebotomy
  • Basic electrocardiography

Clinicals: Learn in the Field

In addition to course work, you will gain experience with direct patient encounters during clinicals.

Credentials in Detail

After successfully completing our program, you will be eligible to apply for the following certification exams:

Through the National Healthcareer Association (NHA):

Through the National Association for Health Professionals (NAHP)

Licensing Notice: Texas House Bill 1508

This program prepares you for an occupational license. However, you may not be eligible for licensing if you have a prior criminal history.

For more details, see Texas House Bill 1508 Licensing Requirements

Continue your studies

After completing our Patient Care Technician (PCT) program and working in the field, you may be interested in a credit certificate or degree.

Explore our credit options:

Eligibility Requirements & Prerequisites

You must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Provide a copy of high school diploma or GED certificate
  • Pass the Test of Adult Education (TABE) with a score of 10 or higher, if applicable
  • Have:
    • Current driver’s license or government-issued identification
    • Social security card with signature
    • Current health insurance card
    • Current Basic Life Support (BLS) health care provider CPR card from the American Heart Association
  • Provide documentation of required immunizations
    • Chicken pox (Varicella)
    • Measles / Mumps / Rubella
    • Hepatitis B (3 shot series)
    • Tdap
    • Influenza (seasonal from September–March)
    • Negative TB Test
    • COVID-19 vaccination is strongly encouraged
      • COVID-19 protocols will be contingent upon CDC & facility guidelines at the time.

Post-Acceptance Requirement

After being accepted into our program, you must pass:

  • Criminal Background Check (past 5 years)
  • Drug Screening (9/10 Panel)

These tests are your responsibility and must come back clear to continue in the program.

No refunds will be given.

Course List

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How to Apply

  1. Apply to TCC as a Continuing Education Student
    • Once you are accepted as a student at TCC, you will get a TCC Student ID number. You need a TCC Student ID number for your application to PCT.
    • Admission to the PCT Program is a separate process and is not automatically guaranteed by admission to TCC.
  2. Complete the online application
  3. Register for class.
    • Once you have been accepted, we will place you in you in your PCT courses.



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