Minimesters are short, three-week semesters offered between longer semesters. They're a great way to complete required courses and help you earn your degree sooner.

TCC offers Wintermesters (December–January) and Maymesters (May).

What are important dates/deadlines for Wintermester?

Date Event
October 9, 2023 Wintermester classes available in MyTCCTrack

Note: Choose Spring 2024 for term
October 16, 2023 Priority registration begins
October 23, 2023 Open registration begins
December 11, 2023 Last day to register
December 14, 2023 Last day for 100% tuition refund
December 15, 2023 Classes begin
December 18, 2023 Official day of record (Census date)
December 28, 2023 Last day to drop
January 6, 2024 Final exams/Classes end

What is the format for Wintermester classes and when do they meet?

Wintermester courses are available in three options:

  • Blended, which means you will attend class in person part-time and complete assignments online,
  • In-person, which means you will attend class in-person for the entire course,
  • Online, which means you will take the class fully online (offered only through our TCC Connect Campus)

Find more about your class's format in the Additional Information area of the course section details.

Which classes are offered during Wintermester?

You can view the schedule of Wintermester courses by visiting MyTCCTrack.

Follow the instructions for how to find Wintermester classes in MyTCCTrack.

Schedule an appointment with an advisor to discuss course offerings and which classes will fit with your degree plan.

Can I use my financial aid for Wintermester classes?

No, but you may be eligible for reimbursement.

Minimester hours are combined with the next 16-week semester (Wintermester with spring, Maymester with summer). Financial aid funding is not disbursed until approximately 10 days before the start of your classes for the Spring 2024 term. When your financial aid is disbursed, you may receive enough financial aid money to reimburse the cost of your minimester course.

Financial aid students must pay for their minimester courses at the time they register or set up a payment plan to avoid having their classes dropped.

Learn more about financial aid.

How do I pay for Wintermester classes?

You can pay through one of the following options:

Find more FAQs about paying for Wintermester classes.

How do I find Wintermester classes?

To find the list of Wintermester courses, you should:

  1. Go to the Course Catalog: Advanced Search in MyTCCTrack
  2. Choose Spring 2024 for term, 12/15/2023 for the Meeting Start Date, and 01/06/2024 for the end date.
  3. Click search.

It should display the Wintermester courses and you can narrow down your options using the additional filters.

How many hours can I take during a minimester?

You can only take a maximum of 3 hours during a minimester.

When does Maymester registration start?

Registration for Maymester begins at the same time as summer registration. Visit the Academic Calendar for upcoming dates.

Updated August 21, 2023