Non-Credit Student

Am I a non-credit student?

You're a non-credit student if you pursue non-credit programs and activities. No matter what your age, your background, or your goals, we have a program for you.

Why Choose TCC?

Learn why TCC is the right choice for your educational goals, budget, and time.

Apply to TCC

Submit your online application and find the documents you need to apply to TCC.

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Non-Credit Programs A-Z

Workforce programs leading to certifications and industry-recognized credentials that help you find in-demand jobs.

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Lifelong Learning

Community Education & Engagement (CEE) programs designed for you to have fun while you learn—no matter what your age.

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Preparatory Education

Community Education & Engagement (CEE) programs designed to help you get ready for school and for learning job skills.

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Professional Conferences & Seminars

Community Education & Engagement (CEE) programs designed for you to network with your colleagues and the community.

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Community Education & Engagement

Northeast Campus

Northwest Campus

South Campus

Southeast Campus

Trinity River Campus

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Campus Resources

Find resources available on your campus, including campus bookstores, fitness centers, food services, parking and more.

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