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Why TCC Is Right for You

Student Population Facts

Student Diversity

(Fall 2015)

A chart showing the breakdown of student ethnicity for Fall 2015. Screen reader users, please reference accompanying table for full details
Ethnicity Percentage of Student Population
White 41%
Hispanic 30%
Black 18%
Asian 6%
Other 5%

Part-time vs. Full-time Students

(Fall 2016)

A pie chart showing that TCC has 70% Part-time students, versus 30% Full-time students

International Students

461 International Students (Fall 2016)

TCC Has students from 64 countries (image shows a map of the world)

Total Enrollment


TCC has 99,805 students enrolled in the 2015-16 academic year

Student Gender

(Fall 2016)

A pie chart showing that TCC has 58% female students, and 42% male students



Tarrant County has 1,911,541 residents. 1 in every 21 residents takes a class at TCC each year.

General Facts

Degrees and Certificates


TCC awarded 5,323 degrees and 1,933 certificates in the 2015-16 school year

Degrees Awarded

TCC ranks #5 among all community colleges in the total number of associate degrees awarded in all disciplines. When combined with four-year schools, TCC ranks #9 among all U.S. colleges that confer associate degrees.

Updated January 24, 2017