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Why TCC Is Right for You

Academic Facts

Education You Can Afford!

(Spring 2016)

A table comparing the cost of TCC to other area colleges. At just $885 per semester, TCC is far less expensive than other college options in the DFW area. Screenreader users, please reference accompanying table for full details.
College Cost per Semester
TCU $20,315
Texas Wesleyan $12,227
ITT Tech $7,695
UNT $5,045
UTA $4,690
TWU $4,261
Tarleton $3,335
TCC $885

Strength of Size

TCC is one of the 20 largest colleges in the United States


TCC has 6 campuses in the Fort Worth, Arlington, and Hurst area, plus an online campus as well.

Degrees We Offer

TCC offers degrees and certificates in more than 40 different occupational/technical programs, 61 Associate of Applied Science degrees, and 132 different Certificates of Completion.

Student Population Facts

Student Diversity

(Fall 2015)

A chart showing the breakdown of student ethnicity for Fall 2015. Screen reader users, please reference accompanying table for full details
Ethnicity Percentage of Student Population
White 41%
Hispanic 30%
Black 18%
Asian 6%
Other 5%

Part-time vs. Full-time Students

(Fall 2016)

A pie chart showing that TCC has 70% Part-time students, versus 30% Full-time students

International Students

461 International Students (Fall 2016)

TCC Has students from 64 countries (image shows a map of the world)

Total Enrollment


TCC has 99,805 students enrolled in the 2015-16 academic year

Student Gender

(Fall 2016)

A pie chart showing that TCC has 58% female students, and 42% male students



Tarrant County has 1,911,541 residents. 1 in every 21 residents takes a class at TCC each year.

Student Life Facts

Financial Aid

(Fall 2016)

76% of TCC students recieved financial aid in 2015

Average Student Age

TCC students have an average age of 25

Class Size

The student-teacher ratio at TCC is 25 students to 1 teacher

Intramural Sports

Southeast, Northwest, and South Campuses offer a wide variety of intramural sport activities to join

Clubs and Organizations

TCC offers over 170 Student Clubs at 5 campuses

Student Support

There are over 50 labs and tutoring programs at TCC

General Facts

TCC Begins

TCC was founded in 1965. South Campus, our first campus, opened in the Fall of 1967.

TCC Mascot

TCC's mascot is Toro the Trailblazer, a large, blue bull, who was adopted as the mascot in 2011

Degrees and Certificates


TCC awarded 5,323 degrees and 1,933 certificates in the 2015-16 school year

Degrees Awarded

TCC ranks #5 among all community colleges in the total number of associate degrees awarded in all disciplines. When combined with four-year schools, TCC ranks #9 among all U.S. colleges that confer associate degrees.

Online Rankings

TCC is 10th in Texas among 173 colleges and universities offering online classes.

Transfer Agreements

(Texas common course class transfers)

TCC has 51 transfer agreements with Texas 4 year colleges

Updated August 14, 2018