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Am I eligible for PLA?


You must:

  • Have been enrolled at TCC for at least 1 full semester (fall, spring, summer)
  • Be enrolled during the semester credit is awarded


You can earn Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) credit only for courses that apply to your current program of study on record.

If you have already taken or attempted the course, you cannot apply for PLA credit for a course with the same title.


You must have successfully completed 6 hours of TCC credit—with a grade of "C" or better—before PLA credit can be posted to your TCC transcript.

Credit awarded through PLA cannot exceed 75 percent of semester credit hours toward a TCC degree or certificate.

Credit earned cannot exceed 40 percent of the technical courses required for an Associate of Applied Science degree or certificate.

Residency Requirement

To satisfy graduation requirements, a minimum of 25 percent of the semester credit hours for your TCC degree or certificate must be completed at TCC.

The credit you earn by PLA does not count toward the residency requirement.

Eligibility for Benefits

Posting PLA credit to your transcript could impact your eligibility for financial aid and veterans benefits. We encourage you to contact Student Financial Aid Services or a veterans counselor for more information.



Ask a PLA Contact on your campus

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Updated May 10, 2021