Accelerated Associate of Arts (A.A.)

Take advantage of 8-week blended sections to accelerate your time to a degree. You will complete more classes during the semester while focusing on fewer at once.

What makes this path unique?

  • Complete an Associate of Arts (A.A.) in 18 months while never taking more than 3 classes at one time.
  • One class per semester is 16 weeks long; the rest are only 5-8 weeks.
  • Hybrid/Blended format: Half in-person and half online classes.
  • There is no fixed schedule. You can take the classes you need when you want. Start with some college hours or no college experience.

How flexible are the schedules?

  • Set your schedule for two days a week and less than 5 hours on campus daily.
  • Complete the online portion when you have free time during the week.
  • Choose if you want classes in the morning, late afternoon, evening, or weekend.
  • Take classes on more than one campus. Eight-week and/or blended sections are available in many subjects on every campus.

16-week vs 8-week course comparison

When you compare the 16-week and 8-week courses, the number of hours required on campus is almost half.

  • 15 credit hours/16-week courses=15 hours a week on campus
  • 15 credit hours/mostly blended, 8-week courses=9 hours a week on campus

Is an Accelerated A.A. right for me?

An Accelerated A.A. might be the right choice for you if you:

  • Are self-motivated
  • Eager to complete your education faster
  • Able to learn face-to-face with an online component mostly in 8-week courses
  • Have completed TSI, or are TSI exempt (Some courses do not require TSI completion)
  • Maintain self-discipline and time management skills
  • Have taken college courses before

Which classes do I take?

When making your schedule in MyTCCTrack, follow these suggestions:

  • For the first 8 weeks, choose two classes with section numbers with a 7 as the second number. Example: HIST 1301-17001
  • Choose a 16-week elective.
  • For the second 8 weeks, choose two classes with section numbers with an 8 as the second number. Example: HIST 1302-38001

Scroll down the course listing to find them as they are often towards the end.

Blended sections are listed as "blended" in the section details when you register in MyTCCTrack.

How do I get started?

  1. Apply for admission to TCC.
  2. Contact a Career Advisor.
  3. Register for classes.

Updated April 17, 2024