Arts & Humanities Pathway

Passionate about sharing ideas?

Do you love to design, exhibit, perform, or write? Is your passion the visual arts, performing arts, graphic design, or journalism?

Explore our Arts & Humanities Pathway

Graphic Communication

Prepare for entry-level graphic production and design positions. Study illustration, photographic manipulation, page layout and design, website design and basic animation.

Radio, TV & Film

Develop your performance and production skills. Identify the media work you want to do in your career by participating in radio, television, and film experiences.


Take music courses to learn to play an instrument, study music theory and have fun. Complete our Associate of Arts (A.A.) in Music and apply your 1st- and 2nd-year course credit to a bachelor's degree in music.

Visual Arts

Take visual arts classes to enjoy developing your art skills. Complete your Associate of Arts (A.A.) in Visual Arts and apply your 1st- and 2nd-year course credits to a bachelor's degree in visual arts.

Associate of Arts (A.A.) for Arts & Humanities

Explore different subjects while completing 1st- and 2nd-year courses that will generally transfer to a 4-year college or university.

Updated January 20, 2023