Support Resources and Services for Dual Credit

Below are some of the most popular or essential resources and services dual credit students may want to use.

More student resources and services are detailed on our website.

Copy Centers

Make paper copies and get your student ID at your campus's copy center.

Find out what documentation you need to get a free student ID.

Replacement student IDs are $10 each.

Student IDs help you access several resources at TCC and possible discounts at places like the movies. 

Lab and Tutoring Centers

If you would like more one-on-one help with subjects, such as math and science, writing essays, or studying for tests, you can visit TCC's lab and tutoring centers.

Call to find out whether you need an appointment, what services they offer, or if they have special programs.


If you wish to check out books, do additional research, or use computers and printing resources, visit TCC's campus libraries.

Student Accessibility Resources

Student Accessibility Resources (SAR) are offered on each campus to students with disabilities. It is your responsibility to provide appropriate disability documentation to the College.

If you would like to request accommodations, contact the SAR office at your TCC campus

Updated January 23, 2024