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Dual Credit Program

If your teenager is a freshman or sophomore in high school, a decision about college is closer than you think. Given the steep tuition prices at most colleges and universities, higher education may seem out of reach.

But what if your student could get a jump start on college credit while saving up to $15,000 on the total cost of college tuition?

Consider Dual Credit

TCC's Dual Credit Program is a way your student can earn college credit while attending high school.

Our Dual Credit students take college-level courses taught by fully credentialed faculty. These courses satisfy high school graduation requirements and provide college credit at the same time.

  • Your ISD will award high school academic credit.
  • TCC will award college-level academic credit.

When Dual Credit students graduate from high school, they may have already completed transferable college credits.

Learn more about if Dual Credit is right for your student.

How will my student benefit?

Students who become a part of our Dual Credit program:

  • Receive transferable college credit, while also receiving high school credit
  • Save on tuition and fees by accelerating time to complete an undergraduate or vocational degree
  • Have access to the full range of TCC services
  • Be better prepared for success in college
  • Have an academic edge and be more desirable to universities

Is my student eligible for Dual Credit?

High school students entering 9th-12th grades who attend public, private, charter or home schools in one of our Service Areas are eligible for Dual Credit courses.

Dual Credit students:

  • Must meet TSI eligibility requirements for college-level coursework or be exempt based on ACT or SAT scores.
  • May enroll in a maximum of 15 hours per semester for courses that apply toward a certificate, degree or TCC Core Curriculum, with approval from the high school and college.
    • It is recommended students in their first semester of Dual Credit enroll in a maximum of two courses.
  • Are not eligible to enroll in developmental courses for Dual Credit.
  • May be required to present high school assessment scores, such as STAAR, if they are enrolling in a TSI-A waived technical certificate program.
  • Must follow TCC's Academic Standing and all other policies and regulations outlined in the TCC Catalog.

Get started!

How to apply to Dual Credit.


Got questions? Contact your dual credit campus service area for information.

Updated July 14, 2021