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College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

If you want to earn college credit by exhibiting mastery of a college subject, you can participate with the College Level Examination Program.

General Information

  • All TCC Testing Centers administer all 33 CLEP exams.
  • CLEP exams are administered by appointment only.
  • You do not have to be currently enrolled as a TCC student to take a CLEP exam in one of the TCC Testing Centers.
  • To take a CLEP exam at TCC for another institution, you must:
  • Official results can take up to four weeks.
  • All our Testing Centers process CLEP scores from other colleges for TCC credit.

CLEP Exams and Your TCC Courses

  • TCC gives credit for 20 of the 33 CLEP exams and allows up to 18 semester hours to be earned toward a degree. Review the list of CLEP exams TCC gives credit toward.
  • You must be enrolled at least one full term at TCC and be enrolled at TCC during the term for which credit is posted on the permanent record.

Test Dates

CLEP tests are administered only during the regular Fall and Spring semesters.

No summer CLEP tests are given.

Campus Testing Center Spring 2019 Test Dates
Northeast January 14–May 10
Northwest January 14–April 15
South January 14–April 18
Southeast January 23–April 18
Trinity River February 4–April 30

Exam Fees

  • $87 CLEP exam fee
  • $25 TCC administration fee (per course)

Retesting Information

  • There is a 3-month waiting period.
  • The exam fee and administration fee must be repaid.

Updated December 13, 2018