How to Get PLA Credit: CLEP Exams

Apply your College Level Examination Program (CLEP) Exam credit to your degree or certificate program.

See the list of CLEP Exams that are approved for TCC course credit.

We work together in the PLA process:

  • You
  • Your Advisor
  • Your campus Testing Services
  • Your Department (Chair / Dean)
  • Your Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA)
  • District Academic Support Services Office


  1. You
  2. You
    • See your Advisor for CLEP information and CLEP Test referral
    • Register and pay for your CLEP exam through College Board
    • Purchase a CLEP registration ticket
    • Schedule your on-campus exam appointment in RegisterBlast and pay the $25 PLA fee
    • Take your CLEP exam at your designated campus Testing Services
  3. Testing Services
    • Receives and reviews official scores from College Board
      • Official CLEP transcripts may take up to 21 days to be received
      • CLEP credits are generally posted at end of enrolled semester
    • Posts additional PLA fees to your account—based on score eligibility
  4. Advisor
    • Sends an email to your campus Testing Services to request additional PLA fee(s) to be posted to student’s account, if applicable
  5. Testing Services
    • Posts additional PLA fee(s)—as requested in Step 4—to your Student Account module in MyTCCTrack
  6. You
    • Pay any additional PLA fee(s) through the Student Account module in MyTCCTrack, if applicable
  7. Advisor
    • Initiates the online PLA process
    • Attaches PLA fee receipt to show proof of payment
    • Forwards your PLA request to appropriate Department Dean for review
  8. Department Dean
    • Reviews your PLA request
    • Forwards your PLA request to your campus VPAA for review
  9. VPAA
    • Reviews your PLA request
    • Forwards your request to District Academic Support Services Office
  10. District Academic Support Services Office
  11. You
    • Check My Progress in the Student Planning module of MyTCCTrack to confirm course(s) are posted



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Updated May 09, 2024