Testing Center Locations & Hours

Testing Services is available for on-campus and remote testing appointments.

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Summer: May 13–July 28, 2024

  • Monday–Thursday: 7:30 a.m.–7 p.m.
  • Friday–Sunday: Closed

Locations and Contact Options

To learn about scheduling a test, go to that test's page for more information.

Northeast Campus

Visit NSTU 1800

Call 817-515-6868

Email NE.TestingServices@tccd.edu

Northwest Campus

Visit NW01 2201A

Call 817-515-7444

Email NW.TestingServices@tccd.edu

South Campus

Visit SBUS 2131

Call 817-515-4535

Email SO.TestingServices@tccd.edu

Southeast Campus

Visit SE01 2500

Call 817-515-3155

Email SE.TestingServices@tccd.edu

Trinity River Campus

Visit TRTR 1430

Call 817-515-1066

Email TR.TestingServices@tccd.edu

TCC Connect Campus

Email CN.TestingServices@tccd.edu

Updated April 22, 2024